Highest payouts of any clip store site on the net

  • The Clips Vault pays 65% of the gross sales from your clip store
  • Lowest wire transfer fee
  • Our payout fee is a flat $10 - the lowest you will find anywhere
  • No hidden taxes
  • There are no hidden taxes(such as VAT) deducted from your payout
  • The only interactive clip store site with KIIROO Technology
  • Offer your customers a unique experience with interactive sex toys and the Kiiroo technology. They will not only be able to see and here what you do, but FEEL it too in the real time!
  • Piracy tracking software exclusive to The Clips Vault
  • All movie clips downloaded from The Clips Vault will be done using a revolutionary new tracking system. If any of your clips appear on a private site, the original purchaser can be traced.
  • Offer your customers multiple video formats with one upload
  • Your customers can download your movie in most popular video formats, but you only need to upload once - our software will do the format conversion to the format of the customer's choice.
  • Store pages can be customized
  • Store pages can be customized and edited from the admin area.
  • Offer your customers bulk purchase discounts
  • There is no need to join clips together into longer movies to offer bulk purchase discounts. Our system can arrange this for automatically.
  • Communicate with your customers
  • Using The Clips Vault messaging system it is possible to communicate with your customers.